KIKO Milano ‘Lip Me Lots’ Goes Straight to the Heart

Made with love and for love, the new LIP ME LOTS collection by KIKO Milano aims straight for the heart. It’s romantic, original and fun: an explosion of kisses!
With LIP ME LOTS, Valentine’s Day makeup becomes irresistible: radiant complexion, defined gaze, kissable lips.

The collection includes products with which you’ll fall desperately in love. Lips take center stage with lipsticks in six different shades, which evoke the purity of emotions in the intensity of the color, the uniqueness of the formula and ultimately the vivid packaging and heart-shaped tips. For lips, the collection also includes a pH reactive sheer lipstick for a unique and personalized color, as well as a fun and original limited edition product for the eyes: a pen with a black eyeliner at one end for a defined and intense gaze, and a heart-shaped tip at the other for decorating the skin with romantic temporary tattoos.

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