Knife Drawings Promotes ‘Peace’ to the Public

Next month, September 21, marks World Peace Day… Continuing his mission to promote peace, hope and understanding through art, New York based visual artist Franck de las Mercedes has launched a new art project in which he intends to share art and a positive message with anybody, anywhere in the world, this time through a free drawing.

The “Drawings for Peace” project intends to create artwork that is inclusive and accessible to all, in an effort to bring awareness to the importance of art in people’s lives as a catalyst for empathy and dialogue.

Talking to the artist, Franck de las Mercedes, “The Peace Dove drawing emerged from a series of palette knife sketches I’ve been experimenting with since 2016. Then the idea for the project came about after conversations with art educators who shared a desire to keep finding educational tools to encourage empathy in the classrooms. As with my previous “Peace Boxes” project, I want to continue to make art easily accessible, inviting the viewer to participate in talks about peace and understanding and to contemplate their ability to influence positivity in their daily lives. The response and enthusiasm for the project has already been positive with teachers requesting drawings for their classrooms.”

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