LalaQueen’s Collage Campaign: When Fashion and the Arts Collide

LalaQueen, a contemporary Lebanese fashion label, recently launched its Collage campaign in collaboration with three artists, Samer Rawadi, Jeff Aoun and Mabelle Sawan. Playing with natural elements, the Collage campaign incorporates four signature LaLaQueen styles; the Moon bag, Geometric handbag/backpack, and the hero Dr. Bag, to support the brand’s continued focus on conscious fashion and to bring to life the inspiration behind the collections.

Moon bag collage

Collaborative artistic visions came together to tell the story of the bags and to reinforce LaLaQueen’s freedom of creativity and the power of self expression in fashion.

Geometric handbag collage

Taking inspiration from crystals, the moon, and healing, LaLaQueen founder, Sally Sarieddine, explains that the collaboration was a curatorial opportunity to embody the powerful connection between art and fashion. Playing with the natural elements and distinct shapes throughout the images, each artist sought to capture each bags unique message, whilst conveying the importance of individual authenticity, self-expression in one’s personal style, along with chic and timeless design.

Art in its many forms creates emotions and opinions far greater than words alone, allowing LaLaQueen to present its stance on “conscious” fashion in a bold and creative manner. Stylist Jeff Aoun kept recycled individual statement looks to provide a platform to further expand on the brands sustainability standpoint.

Geometric backpack collage

“The different bag styles all have a common theme, with the forces of nature and the coming together of people being the central subject. As seen in the Geometric collection, it was inspired by crystals in their natural formations, providing a connection of the mystical and scientific. Further to this the Moon Bag reflects how the stars and planets work in magnificent fashion and the moons natural forces. The Dr collection took the concept of bringing back healing into fashion, with the focus of reminding people to be kind to one another and support the community. Each image within the Collage campaign placed the model in a setting that resembled the bag’s identity, along with the vivid, dramatic colours, and strong shapes, to further submerge the brands spotlight on timeless pieces and artistic direction,” Sarieddine said.

Dr. Bag collage

Artist Mabelle Sawan used the model’s poses to inspire the backdrop of the images, experimenting with texture, placement and colour to bring the bag’s characteristics to the forefront. Photographer Samer Rawadi described the collaboration as “something completely different from the norm”, allowing the originality of the pieces to shine through in the campaign images.

“LaLaQueen’s project was completely unique to any campaign I have worked on in the past. Together we wanted to give this project a strong contextual depth. It is a great display of different creatives coming together to lead to great things,” he said.

The four images, curated by photographer Samer Rawadi, stylist Jeff Aoun, and artist and illustrator Mabelle Sawan, along with LaLaQueen, allowed for a collaboration of creative forces and continued a long standing connection for the brand to support communities, a conscientious approach, and outspoken stye/wearable art. Timeless, versatile and full of surprises, the Middle Eastern handbag brand and the artists together kept these elements at the forefront of the collection.

Showcased in LaLaQueen’s flagship store and online, the visual campaign delivers a holistic message, bridging creative arts and fashion to tell the story of LaLaQueen’s inspired collections.

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