Last Minute Christmas Shopping? Buy Local Creativity!

Christmas is exactly in one week. Last minute shopping? Buy local designs, buy local creativity…  There are loads of designers out there making and creating the most amazing items from jewelry, to fashion to home accessories… We just want to give you an idea on what you can get, but the list is not limited to these at all…

A Flame of Light

Lebanese production of scented resin candle holders with brass inlays designed and executed by Sahar Bizri Designs. A perfect gift for the home or office.

Love for Lebanon

Nivine Makatabi is no stranger to rug and scarf designs. Nivine’s designs are a reflection of her multifaceted upbringing. She combines her artistic taste with her rich Persian/Lebanese heritage, focusing on the traditional values of craftsmanship and artisanship mixed with a modern twist. Most of her creations represent Lebanon & the Orient while being fashion sensitive in limited edition. Each scarf carries a story and a heartwarming message for you to enjoy. A favorite of ours is her Money scarf.

Old Traditions Never Die

Nada G. just released a new collection, The Power of Light, but we’re still in love with her Khaizaran collection for both men and women. The multi award-winner Nada Ghazal always brings life back to what means the most in Lebanese culture and history.

Some Fashion Flair

Known for her endless choice of arm candy, Cynthia Donokian from C by Cynthia is always coming up with the most exciting handbags in all the colors you can think off. Her latest is  the Mila Bag characterized by a bucket silhouette and its playful ways to carry it with the detachable pouch, strap and handle. Check out the colored suede braided strap which can be added to any C by Cynthia bag , available in many colors and lengths.

Dangles of Colors

Ghinwa Ashkar passion for design led her to create MAAT. Experimenting with silver, gold, Swarovski and her personal favorite PLEXI, Ashkar launched a selection of colorful jewelry that are bold, elegant and sophisticated.

Make a Bold Statement

Inspired by fierce, independent women and their warrior spirit, Luana Mahfouz’s designs, Luana, are not for the faint at heart. We have chosen her Swarovski glove which we believe is a must-have piece for this festive season. A great way to start your new year with glam, power and crystals.

Go Wild

House of Paisley, ready to wear collection by , is always ahead of the game in terms of trends. We are loving the look of Rita Lamah – dressed in snake skin patterned dress and black bomber jacket, both from HOP.

Love of Art

For those who love minimalism, Ralph Ghayad from WAFFF create portraits that translate the personality of the legends by using the fewest possible lines. Meet Sabah, Gebran Khalil Gebra and Fairuz – to name a few, through Ghayad’s eyes.

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