Lato: A Minimalist Extravagent Tote Bag

In the shape of LATO, TSATSAS is presenting a tote bag that is both minimalist yet extravagant, made of soft lamb leather inside and out, and weighs in at just 225 grams.
Truly a perfect companion for every occasion.

A bag which at first sight is both simple and luxurious. Elegant yet simultaneously relaxed. With its unusual design LATO is a marvelous surprise; its functionality and its suitability for both men and women are very persuasive.

The new addition to the collection of the TSATSAS label weighs in at just 225 grams, and as a lightweight bag made entirely of leather makes a perfect everyday accessory. The pleasant feel of the soft lamb nappa leather that is used for both the inside and outside ensures using the bag is always a sensual experience. Moreover, the handle of finest leather nestles around the arm, caresses the hand or falls softly over the shoulder.

Defying convention, the tote bag does not open from the top; instead the satchel has two inserts to the right and left of the handle which in turn rises upwards from the tapering design. When LATO is in use through the bunching up of the leather its flat shape acquires sufficient volume to accommodate all the things needed on an everyday basis.

The discreetly embossed logo and the individual production number of every LATO as well as the highly fascinating color contrast between the leather inside and outside spell a bag that is the epitome of modern minimalism – meaning exactly what the TSATSAS label stands for.

The TSATSAS collection consists of bags hand-crafted in a leather workshop in Offenbach/Main, which has produced all the models of the label since 2012. The atelier producing fine leather bags boasts a 40-year tradition and when creating each and every model, takes all the time necessary at each step to guarantee the hand-made leather product exhibits all the care and precision associated with TSATSAS.

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