Lebanese Ahmad Bazazo Paints Milan Design Week in Black and Gold

Lebanese Designer, Ahmad Bazazo newly established multidisciplinary design studio, Studio A, is currently showcasing “Black & Gold Vol. 2, the next chapter in studio debut collection now showing at Base Milano until April 14.

It builds on the inspirations that brought forth the original pieces: Contrast, Balance, Geometry, Luxury, Strong Lines, and an underlying Art Deco spirit.

“Black and Gold” defined more than a mere color palette; rather it was the embodiment of many components that created a vision and a direction. “Black and Gold Vol. 2” takes this a step further with a more physical and ideological solidity, while instilling the identity of the pieces in a realm that has a direct connection to the past and an even stronger one to the present.

The pieces make a bold statement and blur the line between sculpture and functional furniture, by adding a layer of complexity and mystery to the otherwise conventional everyday item.

“Black and Gold Vol.2” represents a modern interpretation of iconic 20th century luxury, in a time where innovation can lend an ear to the past in order to create a classic.

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