Lebanese Brand Karoline Lang 2016 Collection Launches at ‘Curator LA’

Karine Tawil the Lebanese fashion designer behind Karoline Lang, will be showcasing her upcoming Couture Collection at Curator LA on the 21st of January, 2016.


Tawil, who has created and solidified her brands’ DNA using an aesthetic synonymous
with a contemporary lifestyle, draws on leather as the unifying element in her 2016 Couture Collection. Perceived as an armor or shield, leather highlights a woman’s strength, acting as a second skin.

Strength is a common motif in the Karoline Lang designs, as is the concept of liberation
through freedom of the body.

From a structured corset to an assymetric popeline shirt, Karoline moves as directed by her instincts, creating a signature of unusual blends of luxe materials and
textures, architectural lines and refined color palettes that move seamlessly from
season to season as a continuous, rolling idea born from her mind’s eye.

Drawing inspiration from the strong women in her family, Tawil’s works are
always – and proudly – feminine and contemporary, and the Couture Collection is
no exception.

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