Lebanese Christina Debs Joins Forces With Mounir Moufarrige

Mounir Moufarrige, president of luxury watch firm U-Boat has joined forces with Franco Lebanese designer, Christina Debs to roll out her fine jewellery creations worldwide.  Inspired in the main by the Phoenician princess “Europe”, whose name was used 600bc to define the boundaries of what is known today as the Europe Continent, Christina Debs presented her collection during Fashion Week, in Paris this February.

Hard Candy collection by Christina Debs Fine Jewelry

Since May 2013, Europe’s effigy is on all 5 Euro banknotes and will adorn within 18 months all Euros denominated banknotes.


Christina Debs started her fine jewelry business in 2008. She holds Diamond grading Certificates from the GIA and HRD, and in jewelry from L’AFEDAP. L’Ecote de la rue du Louvre, and L’Ecole Boule in Paris, where she lives since many years.

Christina is a new wave designer, merging craftsmanship with contemporary accents, with a clear idea on Identity. Her inspiration emanates from meticulous studies she has done on how women adorned themselves since the early millennia.

Her concept is to focus narrow, thus gaining recognition through design identity… rewriting in a contemporary way jewelry design from ancient times until today.

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