Lebanese Fashion Guru Elie Saab On a Stamp

In the latest LibanPost series of honorary stamps, a special stamp was issued in honor of Lebanese international fashion designer Elie Saab, under the name of “Elie Saab – Le Timbre.”

The launching event was held at Beit Beirut in Sodeco area, in the presence of a number of Lebanese dignitaries, including Prime Minister Saad Hariri, and was inaugurated by Mazen Hayek (Spokesman for MBC Media Group), who underlined Saab’s journey and achievements at the local and international levels.

The walls of Beit Beirut were covered with giant photos of Saab’s designs of wedding and celebrity dresses, worn by prominent international figures, especially those of famous Hollywood stars on the red carpet at the Oscars and other international festivals.

Following a ceremony, during which Hariri awarded Saab an honorary shield, the curtain was lifted on the postage stamp bearing an image of Elie Saab, which he had chosen himself.

Hariri delivered a speech in which he underlined that Lebanon was proud of the renowned designer, describing him as an example to the Lebanese youth.

Khalil Daoud, General Manager of LibanPost, emphasized the talent, passion, vision, continuous work, boldness, ambition and determination of Saab since he was 18 years old. He said the international designer’s journey was marked by endless success and that Beirut and Lebanon were always in his heart.

Saab expressed his gratitude for the warm welcome and appreciation, considering the event as a tribute to all Lebanese creators in Lebanon and the world, who reflect the positive image of the country.

Original article on Sharq el awsat.

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