Lebanese ‘ThirtynTwo’ Marries Street Style with European Edge

Founded by sisters Nadine and Sabine Sinno, ThirtynTwo takes European fashion and North American streetwear and adds more than a touch of local style to create signature pieces. Inspired by their French and Canadian backgrounds, the two sisters are in touch with their homeland, donating funds from one of their most popular creations to a Lebanese NGO. Here we talk to the designers about their brand, their creative focus and their efforts to make Lebanon just a little greener.

Where did the name ThirtynTwo stem from?

Behind those sleek digits are two sisters – Nadine and Sabine – one born on October 30th and the other on October 2nd, hence the name. ThirtynTwo is a fashion brand for women, men and children that is all about moods and statements, whether they are funny, decisive, strong or witty. For each collection, we produce a limited quantity of pieces. We want to create originality and uniqueness so you know that only so many of our designs exist.

How is it to work with your sister? 

We are very different but we both speak our mind and stand our ground. The brand is a combination of our two personalities, each bringing her character and state of mind to the table. The best part about working with a sister is trust. We each know the other will deliver, so working together is never a gamble. Of course, it can be harder with a sibling as you tend to be less patient. But when tension mounts, it is actually creative, because both of us are passionate. We come from a very tight family: we don’t hold grudges and move on really fast. At the end of the day, it is invaluable having a sister as a partner, she will always tell you the truth.

You label your brand as “Expressive”. How would you define it?

Words, sentences or even the lyrics from a song reflect the various stages one goes through, sometimes during the same day! What you wear is a clear sign of the mood you want to convey. Your typical 30&2 clients are strong-willed and fun. At times, they can be strong and audacious, at other times they have weaknesses and live in their own peaceful bubble. This season, we have expanded to men and boys because, just like women and girls, they can express their personality and spirit through fashion.

ThirtynTwo seems like a cool brand, how does it stand out among other concepts in town?

We grew up between France and Canada. We strive to find a combination between North American streetwear and European edginess and create tops that are effortless but at the same time call attention to the wearer and are attractive. This is also why we have sentences in both English and in French. With our statements, we want people to feel powerful in our t-shirts, we want them to feel confident and vocal about their state of minds.

Your Spring/Summer 2019 collection is out. Tell us more about it.

We launched a new statement “Kind Gangster” for adults and children. It expresses who we are and how we see our clients: loving and caring for others but assertive and nobody’s fool. The other novelty this season is that we have gathered our top statements into one new catchy font. We love how that simple yet bold design boosts the message behind each of our statements.

How do you feel about the “t-shirt activists” trend and using style to make a statement?

Fashion can be a valid way to express your opinions and desire for social change. Last season, one of our top selling statements “Mon monde à moi” was specifically designed with the NGO “Jouzour Loubnan” in mind. We believe in making Lebanon a greener place and all the profits from the sale of this particular statement are donated to this Lebanese organization that runs tree planting campaigns across arid mountainous Lebanese regions. As for this new collection, our focus is primarily to support anti-bullying campaigns across Lebanese schools. Also, in terms of activism, as a business, we produce our tops entirely locally from the design to the choice of fabric, the tailoring and then the printing.

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