Mezzing in Lebanon Awarded During London Design Biennale 2016

Lebanon, Switzerland and Russia have been awarded medals for their contributions to the Biennale, London Design Biennale 2016.


Architect Annabel Karim Kassara  introduces a street Lebanese street market providing an authentic experience of the streets as they are in Beirut, sharing the sights sounds and emotions of daily life in the Lebanese capital.

Responding to the Biennale’s exploration of Utopia, the installation extols the ingenuity and optimism of the Lebanese people.


Towering scaffolds will sit alongside Somerset House to create the streetscape. The structure will recreate the permeable façade of Lebanese buildings, punctuated not by windows and doors but rows and rows of gently fluttering curtains. Tangled electric cabling, street signs, and the overflowing barrows of street sellers will complete the scene.

Soak in the atmosphere with a recorded soundscape of the city, local artisans hand sewing traditional Arabic mattresses, a cinema showing Lebanese film, and even a Beirut barbershop. Visionary restaurateur Mourad Mazouz will serve his special take on Lebanese food with vendors selling falafel, shawarma, orange juice, coffee and freshly made bread.

The London Design Biennale 2016, in partnership with Jaguar is at Somerset House from 7 – 27 September

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