Lebanon’s ‘House of Today’ Takes You Beyond the Social Mask

The buzz around town this December will lead you straight to Zaitunay Bay’s Le Yacht Club. What’s happening there will turn all your creative senses on as you step into the world of House of Today (biennial) exhibition called Naked: Beyond the Social Mask.

Following the success of the inaugural exhibition Confessions in 2012, House of Today presents its new edition featuring the work of 30 acclaimed Lebanese and international designers.


Cherine Magrabi Tayeb

The brainchild behind House of Today, Cherine Magrabi Tayeb is a patron of the arts and design and a successful businesswoman. An avid supporter of the creative industries, Cherine has been driving forward projects to promote creative talent for many years. Her aim is to support Lebanese design and to provide a platform for designers to build their profile and to speak to an international audience.


The work featured collectively shares an intriguing mix of known Arabic forms, shapes and materials, with contemporary, international influences aimed at an international, global audience.


House of Today’s second exhibition will run until 17th January at Le Yacht Club Beirut.


Head down this holiday and check out the works of some of Lebanon’s most amazing talents…

Invited designers: Marc Baroud, Sarah & Malak Beydoun, Valentina Carretta, Karim Chaya, Rami Dalle, david/nicolas, Najla El Zein, Noor Fares, Nabil Gholam & Guillaume Crédoz, Christian Haas, Dina Kamal, Fadi Mansour, Michele & Georges Maria, Claude Missir, Nabil Nahas, Elie Saab, Nagib Tabbah.

Special Features by: Tala Hajjar, Azza Mahmassani, Cynthia Merhej/ Gilles Khoury and Rouba Mourtada.

Winning participants (selected from an open call): Kamal Aoun, Tamara Barrage, Vrouyr Joubanian, Lea Rosa Kirdikian, Celine Stephan Eid

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