Life in Beirut Expressed in Arabic Calligraphy and Colors

Mixing Arabic calligraphy with art, Fadi Al-Awayid, the renowned calligrapher, artist and winner of the 2018 international Burda Award with modern style of calligraphy – UAE, brings his masterpieces to Lebanon through “Life” a solo exhibition, where he exhibits his recent artwork, taking art lovers into a journey of bewilderment. The exhibition will continue until June 30 at Beirut Terraces.

Knowing that one letter, in its abstract shape, forms an independent entity and serves as a sculpture symbolizing a particular connotation and meaning, letters together tend to oscillate and interlock bursting golden shapes out of stone.

From this idea, Al-Awayid based all his artwork, mixing Arabic letters with art, creating a beautiful collection with hidden messages between the letters and colors.

Commenting on his exhibition, Al-Awayid says, “Once again, I come to Beirut to showcase my latest creations, giving the Lebanese art scene a new technique in my artwork. When working an art piece, I aim to take the visitor on a historic journey. I mix not only Arabic calligraphy with art but with meaning and messages, transporting every art lover into a new abstract world.”

After adopting the classical approach, Al-Awayid moved to a state of sensing the letters, colors and harmony, setting up life scenes, and thus creating new circles excerpted from Sun, Moon, Four Seasons, Love, War, Death and Peace…

Fadi Al-Awayid has participated in many individual and group exhibitions in Syria, Turkey, Dubai and Lebanon. He has delivered many lectures and studies on Arabic calligraphy and the development of writing. He also has numerous publications in magazines, books and interviews on television.

He specialized in the field of Arabic alphabet, deeply studying the expressive and functional aspects of it, so that, in its best form, the alphabet would become a self-contained art form or take on the accompanying and complementing role, fully integrated with other art forms, manifesting the alphabet’s ability to be one of the many contemporary art forms.

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