Light Therapy Bar Brings in the Sunshine

Part of the Frost Festival, the concept behind the Light Therapy Bar was to bring sunshine into the dark days of Copenhagen, with three elements – music, place and light, which comes into shape in an innovative space of wellness, designed by Copenhagen-based Studio David Thulstrup.

The installation, which took place earlier this year, as part of  annual Light festival in Copenhagen, was created to raise awareness about how light and the lack of it, affects our mind and body. Research shows that light (both daylight and artificial light) can be a useful treatment against fatigue, winter depression and imbalance in human’s circadian rhythm and hormone production.

By creating this installation, Studio David Thulstrup wanted to show that architecture, design, and social activities could serve as tools to help recharge our human batteries in the long, dark winters. This is a place where one can come, socialize, listen to curated soundtracks, have a beverage, and be exposed to high levels of light.

The Light Therapy Bar’s main conceptual themes are illusion, reflection, repetition and contrast in materials. The aim is to create an alternative universe that pulls people out of their well-known routines and surroundings. Studio David Thulstrup worked with minimalistic, architectural columns in contrast to playful textiles combined with the ungraspable phenomenon of spatial infinity using mirrors, to create The Light Therapy Bar.

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