Linda Farrow’s Most Expensive Shades in the World

The most exclusive sunglasses in the world are the result of a collaboration between Linda Farrow and a Bespoke Luxury and sells for $34,217.


Created by highly skilled craftsmen in Germany, the diamond sunglasses are made from solid 18 carat gold and accessorized with brilliant cut white, black, pink or yellow diamonds, rubies or sapphires, making it the most exclusive sunglasses in the world.

Most-Expensive -SUNGLASSES

Customer have a choices of lens-colors to choose from, which also comes 24-carat gold plated, platinum and 18-carat rose gold to create a one-of-a-kind piece of eyewear. Each purchase also allows the customer to indulge in an exclusive “meet the brand” experience, worth $1,300 which includes a one night-stay at the luxury hotel Brown’s in London, Mayfair. The meet the brand also includes a chance to interact Linda Farrow and the Key of Aurora team at their Boutique in Mount Street over a private welcome drink and a chance to tour through the Linda Farrow historic collections.


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