L’Oréal Promises to Take Your Lashes to Paradise

L’Oréal Paris Makeup introduces the everyday mascara that offers lush volume and voluptuous length.  The new Paradise Mascara is said to bring spectacular volume and length, making your lashes look out-of-this-world gorgeous thanks to its enriched formula with castor oil!

The new mascara’s innovative, ultra-soft, wavy-shaped, non-harshing, fiber brush makes each mascara application a soft, luxurious caress. “Paired with this is an ultra-creamy balm formula that is so gliding, so melting, so rich and smooth!

Moreover highly stimulating natural ingredients add a healthy boost – along with castor oil is argan oil to nourish and revitalize, eau de bleuet and vitamin E to protect and soothe. With each application, your senses awaken to a sumptuous experience, and your lashes lengthen and volumize like never before!”

Paradise Mascara is easy to apply, and just as easy to remove, making it the perfect everyday mascara with a touch of extravagance. They stay smudge-proof and rub-proof all day, all night. Available in three new shades, there’s a Brow Pomade that’s just right for you.

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