Luxury Epitomized with Andre Marcha’s 925 Collection

Andre Marcha is a renowned and highly respected name in the world of jewelry today. The Lebanese jeweler who has built a successful enterprise boldly defines a unique identity; one that reflects adept creativity and exceptional quality. Andre Marcha’s collection epitomizes luxury; for this jeweler with a sculptor’s spirit, the art of creating is no more than that of modifying nature in all its intact majesty. Brown diamonds and green garnet earrings

Let’s take a look at Andre Marcha’s creations that speak to the modern woman who starts a trend rather than follows one. They are conversation pieces, unique, sometimes unusual and faithful to nature. Brown diamonds and sapphire ring

Through the unveiling of the ‘925 collection’, a new line of funky and unique jewels is born. The pieces are set with precious stones on silver or 18K gold, exquisitely outlining a central rough stone as coral turquoise or baroque pearls.

Calcedony earrings set with grey diamonds Rough coral Ring set with grey diamonds


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