Make Up Forever Luscious Red

The countdown to Valentine’s Day has begun and Make Up Forever has the must-haves to spice up your look for this special occasion.

Contoured Red Luscious Lips

Lips are the ultimate symbol of femininity and red lips are perfect for Valentine’s Day especially if the iconic red color will last all night long. Rouge Artist Intense lipstick #42 in Satin Red is ideal as it is highly-pigmented and delivers intense and long-lasting coverage for an impactful smile for your special evening.

If you want to reinvent your style and create your own unique shade of lipstick, then MAKE UP FOR EVER Rouge Artist Palette #5 in red is your must-have. This palette contains an assortment of 5 lipstick shades skilfully selected to indulge every impulse, from conservative to boldly artistic. So you can mix the colors until you create a customized shade just for you!

For more defined lips, you can contour the lips with Aqua Lip waterproof lip liner # 8C in red.

Rouge Artist Intense #42 - Satin Red

Seductive Eyes

It is known that the eyes are among the first features one looks at; they are considered one of the most important facial features. With just our eyes, we can actually communicate with others. So to perfect any look, the eyes need to stand out!

MAKE UP FOR EVER Smoky Lash Mascara adds the ideal touch on your eyes. It gives that depth to your gaze. With just one coat, your lashes will be completely coated in ultra-black, intensely curled and extremely volumized and lengthened, offering you those seductive eyes which will draw people’s eyes to your own.

Smoky Lash in Black

Silky & Flawless Body 

You can get that silky flawless skin on your body with Face & Body which is gel-based foundation composed of 80% water. Applying it on the body guarantees a natural and even coverage or a natural sun tan effect depending on the shade selected. Guaranteed waterproof, long-lasting and non-transferable, it is suitable for all skin types.

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