Manasseh’s ‘Wedding List’ Pushes the Boundaries of Perfection

Wedding season is fast approaching and the stress of managing gifts, planning your schedule and attending countless events can become more than a little stressful. Thankfully, couples are increasingly turning to wedding lists and creating a simple way for their guests to pick the perfect gift, or simply deposit money. This is where Manasseh comes in. Manasseh is one of Lebanon’s most respected luxury retailers. Specializing in the finest French products, this Lebanese company pushes the boundaries of style, service and know-how. Thankfully, when it comes to weddings, Manasseh’s services are second to none.

For over a century, the Manasseh name has been associated with only the finest French techniques, quality and style. Famed for its goldsmithing and fine cutlery, and crystal and porcelain making, Manasseh is a reference point for fine design.

Founded in 1935 by Edouard Manasseh, the company covers all of Lebanon, and is the exclusive distributor of some of France’s finest brands, including Christofle, Bernardaud and Baccarat.

Alongside the finest French brands, Manasseh’s after sales service is something the company is justifiably proud of. Just one example of the firm’s dedication to serving their clients can be seen in their impressive Wedding List service, which allows potential customers full access to Manasseh’s experienced and skilled staff.

Manasseh’s Wedding List provides certain financial benefits to their clients, including the ability to receive part of the cash value of the gifts on the list without charge within six months. The couple’s list will also be valid for over four years and offers a lifetime discount on all their purchases.

The Wedding List can be found online and couples can track contributions and stay up-to-date via email on what items have been bought and who bought them.

Finally, items on the list can be bought online, meaning that guests do not even have to go to a Manasseh store. Classic designs and world famous names, allied with a dedication to service is what Manasseh is all about.

Congratulations to all newly weds from Manasseh and FashionRepublik.

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