In Mar Mikhael. Remember What it has Always Been About

Mar Mikhael is a neighborhood in Beirut city that is rich in culture, art and design. Dubbed today as Beirut’s Soho, this Beirut spot has attracted a large number of artists and designers to open galleries, boutiques and ateliers in former garages. And in between the artsy spots, you’ll find original restaurants and clubs that have also found an address for themselves, delivering good food in outstandingly beautiful setup, in what is today Beirut’s most popular spots…


Yes, each and every space has contributed to Mar Mikhael’s appeal, “but this boom seems to have also attracted real estate development and nightlife, which puts Mar Mikhael’s atmosphere under threat.”

To highlight and remind us of what Mar Mikhael is all about, GAIA-Heritage is hosting a week-long event (16 to 24 January) of activities In Mar Mikhael within the EU-funded project MEDNETA aiming at reinforcing creativity (arts, crafts and design) and enhancing their role in the regeneration of neighborhoods.

The event includes separate yet joint activities:

• Exhibition: ‘Behind the Object’
17 -24 January
• Urban Talks, Tours and Activities
17 -18 January
• Exhibition of Students’ Architecture Projects on Mar Mikhael
17- 20 January
• Toolbox: workshops for artists, craftsmen and designers
22, 23 & 24 January

Check out the schedule and more details on each here.


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