Marco Martinez Gives Old Photos a New Life

The power of the image and suggestion come to the fore in the work of Marco Martinez. Powerful collages, deeper meanings and suggestions, this is a collection of imagery that carries hidden depth.

Spanish artist Marcos Martinez’s work focuses on the collage; “I am very interested in taking images away from their original contexts and inter-splicing them another meaning”, says Martinez.

Martinez graduated from a BA in Fine Arts from Valencia and later returned to obtain a Masters in Artistic Production. Since 2005 the artist has been exhibiting a range of works and refining his style.

Martinez often uses old photos, which emphasizes the contrast, making the combination more palpable. In each and every piece, the artist tries to play with puns and irony using a lot of old imagery to reinforce the contrast and the strange relationship between the collage and the original image and to force the viewer to think on a number of different levels.

“Starting with various stimuli and materials is more inspiring to me than having a blank canvass,” said Martinez. “Exploring the endless possibilities with these existing elements is the most rewarding part of the artistic challenge for me.”

The collages are formed by images that have no apparent connection though the meaning becomes clear in their combination, giving them a sense of completion. “Although I don’t find a concrete meaning to my work, I mainly focus on the aesthetic side and the finished piece then becomes multifaceted to the observer. I leave the interpretation free to people in that sense,” said Martinez. Thoughtful and certainly clever, we’re big fans of Martinez’s works.

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