Martha Sturdy Goes Bright and Bold in New Furniture Line

Martha Sturdy recently debuted ‘PRIME’ during the latest Maison et Objet, Paris, a vibrant collection of geometric resin furniture in primary colors. As a departure from the earth tones and warm metals that have come to define Martha Sturdy’s design, the bold collection comprises entirely new work, all hand-poured at Martha Sturdy’s Studio in Vancouver, Canada.

PRIME is a study in simplicity. Taking geometric form for its building blocks: circles, cubes, cylinders and rectangles, the designs combine shape with the color wheel’s most rudimentary: red, blue and yellow.

The combination results in the designer’s assertion that strength is found in design’s core principles.

“I wanted to show that color doesn’t have to be complicated or distracting and that when combined with clean and confident forms, its boldness can be grounding” said the designer.

“The collection itself functions like building blocks, one piece stands alone, but a room can be built piece by piece.”

Martha Sturdy’s new body of work includes new tables and stools, cylindrical and cubical in form. Wall- mounted circular disks punctuate the presentation, while an 8 ft. resin art screen frames the booth.

The collection’s resin saturation level varies, with opaque, Sunshine Yellow juxtaposed against deep, solid Chili Pepper Red, while an Electric Blue table and stools allow a small amount of light through, creating subtle translucence.

The pieces, each made to order are available starting March 1, 2018.

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