Meet Dédé: Philippe Starck’s Simple Object with Strong Presence

Legendary architect/designer Philippe Starck has reinterpreted Dédé, a simple door stop with a lot of poetic and emotional power.

Newly proposed in a different material, with matte colours and a new finish, “Dédé” is a door stop, designed for Alessi, in thermoplastic resin with “solitary and plump” anthropomorphic features. A strong presence in a contemporary living space.

Designed by Philippe Starck in 1996 and originally produced in die-cast aluminium, the Dédé doorstop is a sculptural figure that gives life to one of the many anthropomorphic characters typical of the French author’s poetic imagery.

An unconscious world transformed into an expressive and functional object. The re-edition of Dédé is made of thermoplastic resin and is available in three versions: black, pink and with a Brown Metal PVD finish.

Dédé is a perfect example of Starck’s poetic strength: an object capable of surprising, conveying emotions and recalling memories.

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