Meet Gancini: The New Fashion Monogram Out There

Salvatore Ferragamo reveals a new monogram that celebrates the symbol of the house: the Gancini. Created by Women’s Creative Director, Paul Andrew, who highlights the Gancini’s refined simplicity, form and its duality: two clasps that connect and hold together. Its unveiling will be marked by a series of exciting projects dedicated to telling the story of this very special design.

The Gancini is the instantly recognizable double-hook fastening that evolved from the wrought iron hardware, made for the tethering of horses, set into the side of the Ferragamo building in Florence, Palazzo Spini Feroni. It has evolved to become a symbol of Salvatore Ferragamo and its values.

For the first, Ferragamo is partnering with a selected group of fellow artisanal companies across the world whose own heritage and expertise it greatly respects.

For the second, Salvatore Ferragamo has collaborated with Bryanboy to create a witty portfolio of innovative, immersive and entertaining content that highlights the unique status of Gancini.

Featuring some of the most compelling talents in the contemporary fashion-sphere – including Caro Daur, Diet Prada, Tamu McPherson, Pelayo Díaz, Aureta, Susie Bubble and Carlo Sestini these Made in Florence short films series and posts humorously explore the pleasures and perils of living life through a digital lens. All of it, naturally, accessorized by fabulous Gancini pieces.

Andrew said: “As a designer, I appreciate the innate elegance of Gancini’s refined simplicity and the sensuality of its form. Another aspect is its duality: two clasps that connect and hold together. The beauty of the Gancini shape is something I’ve worked to emphasize and enrich through the creation of this new monogram.”

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