Marco: A Candle Holder with Architectural Influences

Marco, designed by Monique Consentino takes inspiration from architectural and minimalistic concepts.

Marco is simple in its construction yet embodies sculptural details. The cubic form is made of metal whereas the round holder is made of marble. Together the two materials create a perfect balance between light and heavy.

Monique has designed Marco with the intention of merging honest materials and sculptural aesthetics. The idea of the candle holder was born from a school project at TEKO Design & Business School in Denmark where Monique focused on minimalism in modern architecture. “A design should be challenging in its sculptural and aesthetic appeal and at the same time realize its core function to its fullest,” explains the designer.

The idea of the design was challenging because it was not easy to convert traditional architecture into a small design object without compromising the original appeal and intention.

The Marco candle holder will be launched in April in two colors, white and black. The color combinations are taken from a monochrome universe where the materials have been matched based on the natural colors found in the marble stones. The white grain found in the black as well the darker grey tones found in the white marble complement their metal counterparts respectively.

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