Meet the Love Translator: The App that Translates Female to English

Men and women don’t always get each other. In fact, sometimes it’s like we’re speaking two completely different languages. The solution is here!

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That’s why Mukhi Sisters Jewelry decided to take matters into their own hands this year so that there won’t be some unhappy ladies out there spending their romantic evenings with a bunch of sad looking roses, some cheesy heart-shaped chocolate boxes and one confused boyfriend/husband who “thought” he understood his woman when she said “let’s just do something simple this year.”

That’s why we created Love Translator – an app to help men understand the difference between what a woman says and what she really means.

All he has to do is type in what she said to get a direct translation from Female to English. And where words fail – he can click to Break the Language Barrier for a suggestion every woman understands – jewelry.

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