MegaFaces at the Olympics: Were You Featured?

One of the major attractions during the Olympics at Sochi, other than social media sensation Jackie Chamoun are MegaFaces by Asif Khan – A whole new meaning to selfies.


What are Megafaces? It’s about giving everyone the opportunity to be the face of the Olympics. How? There were 3D photo booths within the pavilion and across Russia in MegaFon retail stores that scanned visitors’ portraits to be recreated by the pavilion.


The structure is sited at the entrance to the Olympic Park, and incorporates an exhibition hall, hospitality areas, a rooftop viewing deck, an amphitheater and 2 broadcasting suites.

With the collaboration of one of the largest Russian telecoms companies and general partner of the Sochi Winter Olympics, the facade was designed to function like a huge pin screen. Made up of over 10,000 actuators which transform the building’s skin into a three-dimensional portrait of each visitor’s face.

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