Memory Lapse with Artist Nadim Karam in Qatar

Memory Lapse, by the international Lebanese artist Nadim Karam, triggers a dialogue between void and fullness. Karam show presents a series of paintings and sculptures at Anima Gallery in Qatar.

The show, which started yesterday October 8 and will end on December 27, expresses the power of the connectivity that we carry within us, the importance of stories and the will to confront situations much larger than ourselves.

In a lapse of memory, there is an ambiguous space where things lose definition and absurdity comes into play.

Memory and Void stand face to face. They are anchored by the void, the generator of all possibilities, and connected by a temporal umbilical cord. The future paradoxically reflects the past, and between them lies the moment.

Artist Statement: “For the Memory Lapse exhibition at Anima Gallery in Doha, I found myself in a whirlwind of thoughts. Standing perpetually in the present I am carried through time, and lost in it. I am continuously physically immersed in the present moment, but in my thoughts, the past and future co-exist with that moment. There are memories, perceptions, knowledge and imaginings, whirling around me in a dizzy sandstorm, colored by moods and experiences. While painting this series, I was in the eye of a sandstorm, tracing threads of stories and their unfolding imagery through an abstract and constantly shifting airborne landscape. This exhibition began with Memory Lapse, diverged into Stretching Thoughts, and finished with a Sandstorm. They all form a continuum of expression in my work.”

Discover Nadim Karam’s work in Qatar’s Anima Gallery unto December 27, 2018.


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