Milan Design Week: COS x Phillip K Smith III

American artist Phillip K Smith III has teamed up with fashion brand COS to install a mirrored sculpture in the courtyard of a 16th-century palazzo. Open Sky is a large-scale sculptural installation is open to the public for the duration of Salone del Mobile.

Inspired by the sky above the Palazzo’s courtyard and the architecture of Milan, Phillip K. Smith III explained, ‘I wanted to pull the sky to the ground – to make it physically present. The square of sky above the courtyard transforms into a semi-circular form, that sits on the courtyard floor directly in front of the viewer. The idea was to actively and seamlessly merge the beauty of the surrounding architecture and the sky over Milan, creating an ever-changing experience”.

Moving through the courtyard’s colonnade and into the Palazzo’s adjoining garden, the central sculpture will be complemented by a series of smaller scale reflective works which occupy the green landscape. Shielded from the street, this serene space continues the interaction between architecture and nature, as the works reconfigure and re-collage samplings of the garden.

“We have been inspired by the way Phillip K. Smith III’s installations interact with their natural surroundings since we first came across his work. What he has created will allow us to experience the world around us from a different point of view. His approach feels much aligned with our own ethos of creating subtle, considered design at COS. It is from these experiences of art that our perceptions are shaped, and it’s why we are so pleased to partner with Phillip this year,” said Karin Gustafsson, Creative Director of COS.

The installation marks London-based fashion brand COS’s seventh consecutive installation during Salone del Mobile and its first collaboration with Phillip K. Smith III.

Open Sky opens until 22nd April 2018 at Palazzo Isimbardi, Corso Monforte 35, 20122 Milan, a historic building dating from the 16th century.

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