‘Min Lebnen’ Celebrates the Theme of Abundance in Lebanon

SKAFF teamed up with Lebanese textile design studio, FABRIC, to design a fabric collection dedicated to Lebanon. The collection, Min Lebnen consists of 11 patterns, all hand painted and hand drawn by the Lebanese studio and produced in 100% cotton in Spain. Each design celebrates the theme of abundance in Lebanon; its flora, fauna, year-round produce and joyful gatherings.

The first pattern in the collection, Yasmine, celebrates the fragrant jasmine flower blooming in Spring across Lebanon. The flower’s pink budding twigs envelope clusters of birds chilling in the shrub. The Mediterranean trifecta, that is lemon juice, pomegranate molasses and olive oil, a mix that creates the divine citrus flavor underlying key dishes in the Lebanese cuisine, was honored in the watercolor pattern Med Treasures.

Lemon orchard pattern

Orange orchard pattern

Then follows two other refreshing patterns, Lemon Orchard and Orange Orchard, with lemon and orange orchards being a frequent site in Lebanese villages. And if it’s not an orchard, it’s a lemon or orange tree lovingly attended to in backyards across the country. Talk about Mediterranean living!

Bounty pattern

Lebanon’s temperate Mediterranean climate allows for abundance of produce year-round. Bountiful, a watercolor maximalist pattern features everyday Lebanese kitchen staples like greens and beans, to one Spring favorite, green almonds, to Summer darlings, raspberries and figs. Baale Sumac and Zaatar takes on a minimal layout, drawn with colored pencils, featuring superstars baale, sumac and wild zaatar.

Baale, sumac and wild zaatar pattern

Little lark birds, locally known as “Asfour Al Douri”, were reimagined as multicolored patterned Joyful Birds, for all the pleasant melodies they bring everyday.

Joyful birds pattern

The courtyard pattern, Dar, showing sunflowers, roses, and green plants potted in bright vases alongside a gentle marble fountain, portrays a breezy summer afternoon getaway.

Then come local village residents, chicken and donkey; Sit Al Kul strutting her way across the fields with a freshly picked floral wreath, and Zarif, standing in the sunshine happily dressed in his new red crocheted cloth.

Pine forest pattern

Lastly, is Pine Forest, showing abundance of trees and traditional brick roof houses, a hallmark of a Lebanese village. Residents are nestling in their homes at day’s end. The air is filled with the pure smell of pine and endless silence. This watercolor pattern was further over layed with yellow polka dots, which appear as bulbs lighting up the forest at dusk.

Mediterranean treasure pattern

Min Lebnen is a colorful fabric collection perfect to use as stand out armchairs and sofas, vibrant table cloths and runners, cozy bed covers, or whatever the patterns inspire you to create! Have fun with this eclectic mix!

A special installation by the Lebanese designers Stephanie & Charbel Gharibeh is on display at Tawlet in Mar Mikahel, for the duration of one month.

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