Minjara Editions Commits to the Wood Processing Industry in Tripoli

Minjara Editions celebrates and supports the furniture industry in Lebanon through remarkable design… Just revealed during an exhibition under the title “Design Ethos meets Craftsmanship” in Paris, Minjara Editions, curated by Hala Moubarak, highlights design and artisanal approaches, the know-how and how the designers and artisans collaborated with one another.

Curator: Hala Moubarak

Jalse: 1% Architecture X Elie Mouchaham Jamal Bitar ©Elie Bekhazi

Funded by the European Union and implemented by Expertise France, the Private Sector Development Program in Lebanon aims to provide financial and supportive services to the wood processing and furniture sector in Tripoli and the agribusiness sector in the Bekaa and Akkar regions.

Its objective is to increase their competitiveness, productivity and participation in the economy by fostering their development and integration into value chains.

Nostalgie: Samer Alameen X Okajian ©Elie Bekhazi Okajian

Jeu De Base: Ahmad Bazazo X Mohamed Masri ©Elie Bekhazi

It was as part of this commitment to the wood processing industry that Minjara was created. A symbol of the furniture sector in Tripoli, Minjara forms a new brand, a label of quality and also a hub to optimize the capacity of furniture producers in Tripoli.

Sit: Elie Metni X Elie Mouchaham ©Elie Bekhazi

The event brings bring together 10 Lebanese designers and artisans from Tripoli, including Samer Alameen, Architecture et Mécanisme, Ahmad Bazazo, Jamal Bitar, Mohamad El Kout and more, all curated by Hala Moubarak.

Gathering: ohasseb + Asli X Mohamed Masri Jamal Bitar ©Elie Bekhazi

It is hoped that the engagement and conviction of everyone involved in the project will stand out in today’s world of design. Thanks to the ethical approach of both the designers and the artisans, the end result should be remarkable.

Hyphens: Borgi Bastormagi X Jamal Korek ©Elie Bekhazi

The exhibition will remain on show until September 17.

Minjara Editions’ first collection will be presented again in Lebanon on 24 to 26 of September.

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