Mirror Mirror on the Wall… Adel-C Offers an Endless Choice

This audacious collection of mirrors from Adele-C is worth highlighting. The Italian design furnishings brand created by Adele Cassina, introduces Riflessioni, a series of mirrors with a story behind each.


The collection features five different models – iconic, refined and at times mysterious – all brought together by their composite nature and the presence of different reflecting surfaces.

The range was designed by Marco Brunori, architect and designer, and alcolyte of Dino Gavina, the most subversive of the Italian design entrepreneurs.


Pablo: the portrait par excellence. Picasso and his unmistakeable “front and profile” portraits. In the Pablo mirror, the intersection of the planes which forms the distinctive element splits and fragments the reflected image, rendering it multi-faceted and dissolving its composition. “Those who gaze at themselves in it, Marco Brunori notes, are children, intact people who in growing lose the sense of their original completeness”.


Ray: the creative intuition, a sudden flash. With regard to it, the designer notes: “Luca, my son, picked up a paper model I was working on. He instinctively folded it, looked at it and took a photo with his phone. The next day he showed it to me and said: ‘It’s nicer like this”. In Ray, the compositional presence of different reflective surfaces also fragments and multiplies the reflected image, making it both more complex and enigmatic at the same time.


Kiki (100 and 180): Man Ray’s muse, a still today unparalleled expression of irreverence, femininity and beauty. “Our Kiki, Marco Brunori tells us, is not flesh and blood but a mirror: fragile, welcoming, voluble, simple yet sophisticated in her elegant compositional nature and indissoluble true-false enigmas. More than anything she evokes the mystery of the mirror surface, leaving it irredeemably unresolved”.


Marcel: the pure representation of the movement. Just like in the painting “Nude Descending a Staircase”, Marcel grasps the kinetic essence through a compositional sequence of frames which captures the figure in its actions and movement. “When you pass by it, the designer again reveals, the mirror reflects you moving backwards, while in reality you are going forwards: it seems almost to reveal, by filming, the inherent antithesis in every choice we make”. Mathematical logic is thus transformed into philosophical research.

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