Missoni and Funboy: The Most Luxurious Pool Float Ever

We insist that the weekend is not over. Take one look at this collaboration and your mind will take you to places that’s far and relaxing. Missoni and Funboy have joined forces to create the most colorful and luxurious pool float the world has ever seen.

The Missoni and Funboy Butterfly float collaboration was 18 months in the making. The final result is a pool float unlike any seen before; it’s as at home on the catwalks of Milan as it is in your backyard oasis.

The designer float melds Funboy’s original float design with Missoni’s signature patterns and instantly recognizable kaleidoscopic colors to create a timelessness piece of floating art.

Funboy’s founding team initially reached out to Angela Missoni in 2016, over an Instagram direct message, asking if she might consider a brand collaboration.

As fate would have it, Angela was a fan of Funboy’s floats and immediately saw potential in the out-of-the-box collaboration. It was truly a modern brand connection facilitated over social media.

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