Levantine Tarabeza Gets a New Look

Mix&Match is a collaboration born out of the interaction between two Lebanese designers recognized in different disciplines yet sharing a common love for the region’s ancestral design and craft. Tarek Moukkadem brings with him his exuberance and his playful artistic expressions with Nada Debs’ constant pursuit for the re-invention of established traditional designs.

NADA DEBS x Tarek Moukaddem- Tarabeza (1)

From this collaboration is born a modular, playful re-interpretation of the all-so-famous Levantine Tarabeza. Made from a combination of colored MDF plates that have been glued and turned in a traditional form, matched with noble materials with its simple brass tripod legs and Mother of Pearl inlayed rings, the Tarabeza is made even more a-typical by its modularity with tops ranging from a flower vase to a candle holder, a carved bowl and a lamp, ensuring craft remains at the heart of the product.

NADA DEBS x Tarek Moukaddem- Tarabeza (2)

The result of this melting pot of connections – from the wide spectrum of material used to the colors and functions of the Tarabeza – make this piece a true incarnation of the ‘Mix and Match’ approach.

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