MKS Jewellery Charm Inspires

The nostalgic jewelry trend you loved as a child is back with a more refined and luxurious feel. Coming in an array of styles and stones ranging from delicate diamonds and yellow sapphires to vibrant coral, this trend is one you can make your own with the endless options of charms.

Clipping on charms are a great way to not only personalize your jewellery, but also to tell your own story and express sentimental messages. MKS Jewellery has created seven special charms that celebrate the beauty of dreaming, making it easy to mark the special moments in your life.

The 18 carat white gold Cloud charm is a symbol of good faith and hope. Clip it onto your Dream Catcher Necklace or Bracelet as a reminder to keep your faith.

The natural Italian Coral bead charm, set in an 18 carat yellow gold clasp, symbolizes birth, prosperity and abundance. Wear this charm to discreetly celebrate a unique and special moment.

In dreams, honey means wealth and as the saying goes, you get what you wish for. So, invite prosperity into your life with the yellow sapphire Honey charm.

A ladder in dreams symbolizes a focus on achievements, prosperity, aspiration and growth to higher places, goals or even awareness. Aim high with the symbolic and dainty 18 carat yellow gold Ladder charm – a great add-on to the Dream Catcher Charm bracelet or a thoughtful gift in itself.

Seeing a perfume bottle in your dreams symbolizes trust. A virtuous gift to exchange a highly valued trait. The 18 carat white gold Perfume charm’s design also borrows from the cubist design of the much loved MKS perfume bottle.

The pomegranate with red seeds in dreams symbolizes wealth equivalent to thousands of gold coins. A beautiful piece with meaning, the ruby encrusted open Pomegranate charm is a perfect gift.

Shoes symbolize romance and commitment, so celebrate a special moment with a special and simple 18 carat yellow gold Stiletto charm that has a sentimental meaning.

Make your dreams come true with the MKS Jewellery Charm collection!

A natural storyteller, H.H. Sheikha Mariam connects with women from all walks of life to share her passions, thoughts, memories and experiences. Every detail incorporates a humanistic artisanal approach, be it through craftsmanship, personal story telling and taste making or the connection with the community, Sheikha Mariam’s inspirations derive from a juxtaposition of her deeply entrenched heritage and a creative future.

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