Mlle Paola Celebrates First Anniversary of her Perfume MP – Mark your Presence

Amidst a sea of all-white dressed guests, Paula el Sitt, invites friends to celebrate the First Year Anniversary of her her own perfume “MP – Mark your Presence”. Known as Mlle Paola on social media platforms, the digital influencer, she explains, “I made a unique scent for you to mark your presence wherever you go.”

Due to her interesting content that caught the attention of a wide target audience on social media, Mlle Paola grew her presence through the establishment of her fragrance and online clothing shop. Now Mlle Paola is not only one of the leader influencers in the fashion and beauty industry, but also an ambitious entrepreneur who inspires women around Lebanon and the Middle East.

“MP – Mark your Presence” is sold on HiCart, C&F and Boutiqaat.

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