M&O Rising Talent Awards Lebanon: Meet Marc Dibeh

After studying in Paris, Marc Dibeh returned to Beirut to pursue a Master’s in Product Design at the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts. After three years working alongside Marc Baroud, Dibeh established his own studio in 2009. Today, the two men still regularly collaborate, most notably on Dibeh’s Wires series, which took him to DesignMiami in 2013. Featured in institutions like Gallery S. Bensimon in Paris and Seeds London Gallery, his work skillfully plays on the notion of narrative, as exemplified by the five mirrors from his Please, Don’t Tell Mom range, specially designed for the Art Factum Gallery after he broke one of their’s by mistake.

What did you learn from your collaboration with Marc Baroud?

Though we are both very stubborn, we still manage to agree, and when that happens, the creative process becomes a magical time. Marc and I have very different approaches. I need to tell a story, however trivial it may be, so I can start imagining a product. While he needs to understand or create a material, or sometimes even a technical part, before he can move on to a product. And as is usual, when there is mutual respect, unity is strength.

Why is storytelling so important to you?

It is just something I like to do. Bill Clinton said, “Everyone has a story to tell but not everyone knows how to tell it.” Well, I know how to tell it. Behind each story there are people, relationships and memories. It is like packing a whole world into a single object. My creations tell stories about different aspects of my life, situations I have encountered or some of my personality traits, such as my clumsiness. I think the fact that I like making fun of myself can sometimes give my approach an edge, and if we are being realistic, it is not like I will be saving the world anytime soon, so I might as well make people smile. 

Marc Dibeh is one of six designers awarded Maison et Objet’s prestigious Rising Talent Award and will exhibit their work in Paris this September at Maison&Objet 2018.


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