M&O Rising Talent Awards Lebanon: Meet Studio Caramel

Design team Karl Chucri and Rami Boushdid met while studying interior design at Beirut’s Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts. After earning their Master’s, from IED Madrid for Chucri and Politecnico di Milano Boushdid, they came together in Lebanon to establish Studio Caramel in 2016. Influenced by time spent working in the architectural field has influenced their take on design and much of the work they do is commission based. Their pieces are contextual, unique and interesting. Their Mirage music box and the Indolente armchair evoke memories of the 1950s that can also be seen in their Baron bar cart, which has earned them international recognition in the past.

How do you work together as a team?

Working together means we can use our individual strengths to achieve our goals, but it is also a chance to never stop learning from each other. As a result, we are now capable of predicting each other’s reactions and opinions about an idea even before we talk. The fact that we are always open to debate on a variety of topics and ideas allows us to reach a result that perfectly matches both of our visions.


What do you find inspiring in the 1950s?

It is not just the wonderful furniture, but also the general atmosphere of the time, with allusions to means of transport, visual culture, typography and creations from that period. It is usually very thoughtful. Exploring elaborate details and bold materials, we converge to create innovative and unusual combinations.

Why did you choose Europe to complete your academic background?

RB: I wanted to immerse myself in an environment where design would be part of my daily life, whether through architecture, culture or any other form of expression. Design is gaining ground every day in Lebanon, but I felt that it was not enough for my education. I wanted to learn as much as possible about a field that would become an integral part of my life, and I am convinced that Europe has helped me a lot in that regard.

KC: It just seemed like it was the natural thing to do. After I had completed my training in Lebanon, which gave me a solid technical and methodological foundation, I felt I had to familiarize myself with different teaching styles in order to further my education. I found European schools put more emphasis on broader, more mass-market aspects of interior design, and not just on a high-end exclusive market for the happy few.

Studio Caramel is one of six names awarded Maison et Objet’s prestigious Rising Talent Award and will exhibit their work in Paris this September at Maison&Objet 2018.


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