It’s a Modern Kind of Chandelier – Highwire

Highwire pendant is a head turner. This unique lighting was just revealed to the public at the Interior Design Show (IDS) in Toronto by Anony‘s. Co-founders Christian Lo and David Ryan were thrilled with the positive response this modern chandelier has received and have plans to expand their line.

The award winning product,Highwire, is a gravitational balancing act, created by tension between two points and a weighted center. Its luminaries are composed of anodized, machined aluminum and laser-cut diffusers.

These elegant, individually-weighted disks rest on taught electrical cables. By loading the cables with the luminaries, the cables lightly trace shapes in three-dimensional space, allowing the fixture to frame any setting. These shapes are further accentuated by the light emanating from both sides of each disk, which illuminates the surrounding area and also the fixture itself. Up to five luminaries can be added to a single power drop.

Highwire has been recognized with the 2018 Darc Awards ‘Best Decorative Chandelier’ award, the 2018 Azure Awards ‘People’s Choice in Lighting’ award, and most recently the 2018 L A M P ‘Emerging Designers’ award. Highwire was also featured in the Aya Kitchen Booth at IDS 2018, which won a Silver Award for its designers U31.

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