Moe Khadra Takes Us Into Different Realms of Creativity

Once upon a time, describing who Moe Khadra was easy – a fashion designer… Years have passed and this creative man has added a long list of talents to his portfolio. Today, Moe is a fashion designer and an accessories designer that include unique men’s jewelry, shoes to handbags and even a kids’ line… But that’s not all… This handsome character is on a creative roll… Let’s see what he’s been up to…


What is Moe Khadra up to these days? You’re a busy man .. Tell us?
Hehe… I am, currently I’m designing my fifth jewelry collection for men, styling celebrity presenter Waffa Kilani for her new MBC1 TV show, working as a stylist and trend analyst for Jotun the International Norwegian Paint company (in charge of Middle east, Africa & India) and I have just started researching my new collection of paintings.

How long have you been in the field and how do you see yourself different as time passed?
I have been professionally in the field since 2007. We change and so does how we look at our profession changes. I might have become more playful, more diverse yet now I do that wisely and meticulously. I think I have learned to be more patient, strict and clear on my vision.

From clothes, to jewelry and art and HIV campaigns? Wow… How do you manage…? Where do you see yourself the most?
I find different parts of myself in each project or task that I do, I guess that’s how I see myself the most, a mixtures of domains that interact at times and at others they just allow me to isolate. I think I manage to mange in the end lol.

What your favorite collection… throughout and why?
My favorite is always what I’m researching or working on right now this very minute because I always feel whatever it is I’m doing it’s a natural progression to any skill I have.

Tell us about your new collection…in men’s jewelry
Very arabesque, very calligraphy oriented, so very romantic…an ode to the cities we lost and the lovers we parted away from.

Tell us about the art you’ve been into…
My last was a collection of 25 paintings exhibited at PK450 called SERHAT that investigated the Sufi dancers in a rather fashionable way looking at intersections between the Sufi philosophy and that of a Geisha. I also produced along with award winning artist Obeida Sidani a short film called SCIAMACHY celebrating the international day of HIV.

Tell us about Serhat.

“SERHAT” or “FRONTIER” in Turkish includes 23 thematic paintings featuring the Sufi Dervish in a rather stylized line. Due to the current political setting within the Middle East, The whole region is in pursuit of that HOWA, the one savior, the father, the lover, the leader. We are in desperate need for a miracle brought by a hero. The paintings explore that search in a narrative style, setting the Dervish in an abstract forest where perspectives and proportions translate a great deal of decisiveness and quest. I took my HOWA’s into a series of edited emotional states of mind, at times they appear to be theatrical characters, dancers, warriors, geishas, lovers. I wanted the viewer to sense that spirituality has no gender and time, and our hunt for THE LOVER/THE SAVIOR is our common religion.

A percentage of sales goes in support of THE LEBANESE AIDS SOCIETY succeeded by Dr. Jacques Mokhbat. Gallery Aida Cherfan endorses the art pieces, for some of her picks will go on exhibition at her fine art gallery after the event.

How about Sciamachy? What does it mean? Tell us more…

Sciamachy means a battle against imaginary enemies, fighting your shadow. The video takes the HIV message into a level of branding and artistic visual performance, merging the notion of martial arts fighting with a rather metaphorical fight against HIV and prejudice.The storyboard entails one’s struggle with oneself and with the other.

We might wrestle alone in the dark, in the deep dark, and that only we can know. We might live the threat of our extinction. We might press our face into helpless hours hoping there was a real scent of love, and that only we can know. Only the memory of it, the imagined power of hope, the solitude, the satisfying look of concern, can change threat to promise, noise to silence, and fire to powder.

We may have not been embraced face to face because neither of us did not want to see nor feel. But it is our right; it is the right of every human being to choose to love to share to be aware, to speak to wrestle the suffocating looks of prejudice. Today, right this moment we can tell ourselves, this is the beginning of you and I. This is where it starts, to know that being seen does have value and voice does have value. To know that our past should make us better not bitter, because its not the years in our life that counts, it’s the life in our years. Living with HIV or not, time will judge us on how we responded to it…don’t stand around watching just give me your hand.

What was the first item you designed?
I cant remember really…but I think the very first complete product I designed and sold was a necklace way before I started designing clothes.

Where is your collection sold today?
Harvey Nichols Dubai, Orient 499 Beirut, Lebanese National Museum and Trunk Concept Store Beirut and online.

If you want to give advice to young and talented people out there, what three things would you tell them?
Research is by far one of the most important starting point to anything you design, Individuality and identity, and finally have fun with what you create or design

What trends are you into this season?
Florals, tropical rainforest, birds and parrots : ) I have been into so much color

What three things you can’t leave home without…
My phone of course, checking on my dogs before walking out, and giving myself that one on one talk “Moe be positive : )”


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