Montblanc Great Characters: John F. Kennedy Edition

Every Montblanc Great Characters Edition commemorates individuals who have broken new ground in the fields of culture, politics, science or the arts, and the impact of the legacy they have left behind. John F. Kennedy, one of the best known presidents in American history, inspired the world with his dynamism, optimism and ambition.


During his short time as the 35th President of the United States, he was responsible for extraordinary accomplishments – enabling the first ever flight to land a man on the moon, paving the way to end segregation through civil rights advocacy and inspiring the young with the Peace Corps. The Montblanc Great Characters John F. Kennedy Edition pays tribute to the many facets of JFK: the statesman, the charismatic leader, the intellectual, but also the personal side of this figure as a devoted family man.


The design of each edition reveals one of the facets of John F. Kennedy’s fascinating personality, and the influences that shaped his vision as a man. The John F. Kennedy Special Edition focuses on his family background and the passions that motivated him in life. The Ivy League style of the writing instrument with its cap and barrel made of dark blue precious resin reflects his education, while the rings on the barrel symbolize his military career as a young WWII veteran. The importance of family throughout his life is reflected in the three rings on the cap representing his three brothers. Celebrating one of his crowning achievements, the pattern on the cap rings is inspired by the footprints of the first steps on the moon, while his vision to send a man to the moon is also immortalized in the lunar module engraved on the writing instrument’s 750 solid gold nib.  The writing instrument’s clip with its distinctive 1960s’ style is decorated with the President’s initials “JFK”.


With a limitation number referring to his birth year, the John F. Kennedy Limited Edition 1917 displays design elements inspired by his private life. The red, white and blue colour scheme reflects the traditional colours of sailing. The rope pattern under the lacquer on the cap and barrel underscore the passion for sailing that started as a boy. Furthermore, the rhodium plated 750 solid gold nib is engraved with the lifesaver of his first boat: the Victura, which was given to him as a present from his parents when he was just 15 years old.  The three rings represent his three brothers, while the 10 marks on the cap top and cone reference 10 Kennedy family members, namely, John F. Kennedy’s parents and their eight children.

The inspirational motto central to his presidential campaign “A Time For Greatness” is engraved on the cap ring, while the iconic “JFK” is placed on the clip. The writing instrument is crowned with the Montblanc emblem in moon quartz, reflecting his vision to get a man to the moon.

The Montblanc Great Character John F. Kennedy Edition captures the achievements and the vision of the youngest man ever elected to the United States presidency – a legacy of optimism, prosperity and technological and social progress.

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