Mukhi Sisters: Occupying Conversations for Five Years

This year marks the fifth year anniversary of Mukhi Sisters’ success – a brand that has created niche designs within the Beiruti jewelry scene. There isn’t a piece designed by the Mukhi Sisters that has not sparked a conversation. There’s always a story behind a ring or a necklace they’ve designed… It’s amazing…

The three young women behind the brand have worked hard through out the years to introduce, develop and succeed in bringing forward one collection after the other, each exerting character and attitude enjoyed by the modern woman.

The Mukhi Sisters jewelry brand has a true identity – or let’s say “attitude”. To find out how they make it happen, we get a closer look at Maya, Meena and Zeenat to understand the uniqueness of the Mukhi Sisters.


You guys were born into the business? Did anyone want to be something else?

Yes, we come from a family of jewelers, jewellery is our background and that’s how we ended up here! Zeenat wanted to become an Ophthalmologist or an entertainer- performer. As for Meena and I, we always wanted to be jewelers. It’s in our blood!

How is your approach different than that of your family?

Our approach is personal and it has to do mostly with our characters. We design and sell wearable collections of fine jewelry as opposed to fine jewelry, so our attitude is more laid back.

What was the first thing you designed?

WOW! Well it depends, are we talking pre-Mukhi Sisters or first thing designed at MS? One of my first designs was a pair of turquoise earrings and matching pendant. I cherish them until today. As for Zeenat, her first design was the Braille bracelet.

Social media is important to you guys, tell us why? What’s your favorite? Do you feel it invades your creativity?

Social media is very important to us. We share our latest designs, our special “moments” with our followers. We connect with our clients and get closer to them through different social media platforms. You want to get something known? Instagram it! We used to feel too exposed at the beginning. We were more reserved with our jewelry posts. Today, we are careful but more open! We have our style and our clients recognize it.

As for people who copy, we hardly think this matter will ever be controlled so today, we take it as inspiring others perhaps. We strongly believe that people will copy you once, twice etc… but they will never take your identity, they are not you at the end of the day, so you will keep on moving forward and being one step ahead. We learned that a few years ago, working with our mom, Effat, designer and owner of Effys Jewellery.

Our favorite is Instagram, it’s the fastest and most efficient for now.

Tell us more about each one of you – you’re sisters working with each other? How does it work, do you each have a task in the process?

Working in a family business is not as easy as it seem, however, in our case, I would say we are blessed to be working with each other. It has benefits that I don’t think we could find with other “partners”. I love and I am lucky to be working with my sisters. The three of us will tell you the same thing about that!

Each one of us has different tasks, and as we are moving forward, we are learning more and more. We follow up with each other; we criticize and motivate each other too. I love how each one of us has different views, and we try to reach common grounds, and figure out what works best for the brand.

For sure each one of you has a different style – tell us more about it.

Meena is classic and chic. Our collection EverYours is a reflection of her style. Fine and romantic pieces, all made with gold, diamonds and other precious stones. Zeenat is different; she has a style of her own. She almost never leaves the house without having at least 6 or 7 rings on. If she were to be a Mukhi Sisters, she’d be “Contagious”. That collection is all about her style. As for me, I am somewhere between a rock star and a princess! I have the biggest love for vintage jewelry and this is why we have “Queen Vicky” collection.

Tell us about your new collection.

Our new collection is our anniversary collection! We’re turning five this year! The collection is maturing with us. It is as always, influenced by a feeling or an obsession we’re going through. And well… you’ll find out soon and we hope you’re going to fall in love with it, as much as we did!

Each one must have a favorite item in the collection – what is it and why?

That is such a difficult question. We have favorite items from each collection. Every time we come up with something new, it’s like falling in love again and getting that rush again! Like today, I am in love with rings designed by Zeenat. Meena is in love with our signature fleur de lys ring and Zeenat is hooked on a jade pendant from the same collection.

If you were to choose a star to wear your designs, who would she be? What should she represent?

Rihana and Florence from Florence and the Machine.  Each of them represent different styles of women, but they have two main things in common: their individuality and stacking up stacking up jewelry which is exactly what Mukhi Sisters is about!

If we open your bags now (each) what will we find

In Meena’s bag: Money, make up and an emergency case. Zeenat: wallet and keys. As for me: a lot of things, mainly money that should be in my wallet and my notebook!

What’s your favorite item in your closet today?

Maya: My red lace dress by Joseph. Meena, my YSL bag, and Zeenat: My Fendi boots.

Where’s your favorite hangout (in Lebanon and abroad)

Maya: My bedroom, Momo at the souks, my friend Mariana’s. And a club I discovered recently with dear friends of mine, Silencio in Paris.

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