Nabil Issa Adds a Touch of Coziness to Your Christmas Ambiance

Embrace the Christmas spirit with this decorative Galactic light bulb to warm up your winter space with a touch of coziness, originality and elegance.

Initially inspired by a mix of Death star and HAL 9000, intertwined with 60s and 70s modernist design cues, the Galactic light reminds us of the “all seeing eye” theme that played a pivotal role in many sci-fi classics.

Available in different sizes and shapes, the Galactic floor lamp, the Galactic globe and the Galactic ceiling light feature minimalistic lines and circular forms and are made with polished brass. They are easily transportable and made to fit any space. The design inspiration came from the idea of carrying your inner light and taking it with you everywhere you go.

Once again, designer Nabil Issa, demonstrates playful creativity and unique design just in time for the Christmas season.


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