Nada G. Brings the Power of Light to the Holidays

Nada G never seizes to amaze… and now the new capsule collection, ‘Power of Light’ is uplifting. The collections is inspired by Sursock museum’s architectural window designs and based on the lotus flower, a symbol for rebirth and purity.

Award-winning Nada GTM have partnered for the 3rd consecutive year with Sursock Museum to launch a new capsule collection called ‘Power of Light’. The collection is inspired by the designs of the rose window traceries and the fanlight windows of the museum which were based on the lotus flower.

Nada Ghazal, Designer, Founder and Managing Partner of Nada GTM has consistently designed jewelry based on her experiences and her will to translate those designs into beautiful jewelry items with a soul that embody positivity; ‘Power of Light’ is no different. The lotus flower designs which graces the rose windows, fanlights and the traceries of Sursock Museum is one of the most revered spiritual symbols and is what inspired Nada for this collection.

“Of all the lotus flower symbolisms, to me rebirth, purity, love, power and light are the most powerful symbols that it represents,” says Nada.

“Sursock Museum, bejeweled with the lotus designs on its facades, exude elegance, beauty, perfection and purity and I hope that women feel the same wearing this collection,” she adds.

It’s no surprise that the designer was inspired by the architectural designs and the symbols behind the lotus flower in Sursock Museum, but for Nada GTM rebirth came in the month of November as they opened their 5th branch in Lebanon in D-Beirut – Karantina road which also houses their first atelier and is their permanent headquarters. Rebirth comes in the form of a large open space atelier, a slightly grandeur version of the one Nada started her business with in 2004.

Visitors can now not only purchase jewelry from the D-Beirut headquarters and atelier, they can also watch craftsmen and women in their element translating Nada’s designs into pure masterpieces. “We are so humbled to be working in the presence of such creative souls who are passionate about their craft and driven by perfection” says Nada. ‘The aura of the space is filled with power and light and this collection was the first one they worked on when we moved in. As a result we have chosen ‘Power of Light’ to be the name of the collection which we hope can be transferred to those who wear pieces from them” she continues.

‘Power of Light’ come in 18 carat gold yellow, white or pink gold in earrings, rings, chokers, cuffs and bracelets, and are available in Sursock Museum store and at Nada GTM boutique, atelier and points of sale across Lebanon.

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