Nada G Introduces Solid Gold Men for Today’s Man

Nada G (TM) have designed and produced their first men’s line ‘Solid Gold Men’ featuring five collections to adorn the man of today. The five collections: ‘Circle of Life’, ‘Back to Basics’, ‘Men at Work’, ‘His Khaizaran’ and ‘Color & Form’ give men distinct looks and help them bring out the versatile personality they possess.

Color and Form

Nada Ghazal, Founder and Creative Director of Nada G (TM)has worked on collections to capture personalities of the closest men in her life and translate their attributes into beautiful 18k gold jewelry pieces, with and without precious stones that men can proudly wear for any occasion.

Circle of Life

‘Circle of life’ proudly celebrates all stages of life, from birth to death, with animal heads radiating beauty, strength, and edginess. These pieces showcase shapes of fauna and flora either together, beautifully complimenting one another, or alone. This collection is for men who are bold, daring, and who can proudly pull off the edgy look. It’s for those who want to wear something unique that helps them stand out. The collection includes pins, cufflinks, rings, necklaces and bangles.

Circle of Life

‘Back to Basics’ is for the everyday man who wants to discretely add a hint of personality into their look. The look of the collection appears unfinished, unpolished and comes in irregular organic shapes in bracelets, bangles, rings and necklaces.

Back to Basics

“Men at Work” is a tribute to the working man who exhibits passion in everything he does and proudly contributes to the workforce. Its designs give a nod to the retro look of the 1980’s and consists of tools and shapes hanging from pendants. These are for men who display a practical approach, pragmatism and the ability to get things done yet are creative and passionate about what they do.

Color of Form

Nada G other two collections ‘His Khaizaran’ and ‘Color & form’ are both replicas of collections that Nada G (TM) have created for women but molded and shaped them to bring out their essence but designed for the modern man.

His Khaizaran

The ‘Solid Gold Men’ line and all the collections within it, dedicated for men, are available at all Nada G (TM) boutiques and points of sale across Lebanon.

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