Nada G Joins ‘Design & Nostalgia’ with Limited Edition Collection

During Beirut Design Week 2019, Nada G Jewelry showcased ‘Heritage & Heirlooms’, a limited-edition collection comprises of eight unique designs with only 50 pieces of each design being produced for this occasion.

The items are designed by Nada Ghazal, Founder and Creative Director of Nada G™ Jewelry, based on this year’s theme, ‘Design & Nostalgia’ and inspired by memories of witnessing heirlooms being passed on from one generation to the next.

“I grew up in a very close-knit traditional Lebanese family who like most Lebanese families are connected to their heritage and proud of their history,” said Nada. “A tradition, I have witnessed so many times is mothers gifting their daughters heirlooms they’ve been given by their mothers before as if to pass the torch forward and continue this tradition.” She continued.

It is quite common for mothers in the Arab world who don’t have a source of revenue to gift their daughters jewelry which they wore, as well as heirlooms they were given by their mother before them. This tradition, that has continued through time via the matriarchal bloodline for generations, seems to be disappearing for various reasons.

“My inspiration for this limited collection is drawn from the pieces I saw being passed on from my mother to my sister and from mothers of my close family members to their daughters. I think it’s a beautiful tradition and the pieces spread happiness and joy, strengthen social ties and preserve this beautiful heritage of ours with a genuine unique gift that has both financial and sentimental values,” adds Nada.

“For those women who were lucky to receive heirlooms from their mothers, the tradition can continue by passing these to their daughters. For others who were less fortunate, I invite you to start your own with one of these beautifully designed limited pieces,” she continues.

The limited-edition collection includes 18k gold bracelets, set with diamonds and precious stones, that combine the old and the new through an amalgamation of vintage gold jewelry designs that Nada’s ancestors wore and Nada G Fine Jewelry’s distinct designs.

They will be on display at Starco, Downtown Beirut, from July 1 – 7, 2019 as well as all Nada G Fine Jewelry points of sale and sold at D-Beirut.

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