Nada G Resolutions Collection: Stand Out with a Pop of Colour

Nada G™ translates her latest feelings into bold colourful creations made of decadent 18K gold pieces, pixelated with precious stones. The Collection of rings, bangles and necklaces is for the sophisticated woman in you who is looking to stand out with a pop of colour.


Behind every Nada G™ collection there is story: and this collection is no different.  As the year nears its end, you reflect on what you have accomplished, and look forward to new beginnings.


Nada G™ embraces the end of the year with a new, colourful and optimistic start, translated into a vibrant bold collection.

“2014 has been a great year for Nada G™. We are currently available in 7 key locations worldwide and connecting with discerning clients who are looking to stand out with bespoke pieces made exclusively for them,” says Nada Ghazal, Founder, Designer and Managing Partner of Nada G™. She adds: “We are excited about 2015, and are optimistic that it holds light and colour to those who look forward to it with positivity and joie de vivre.”


This is the time of year when you can make a fresh new start; it’s exciting, colourful, and full of hope. But simply wanting to change is not enough. One way to make sure you stick to your resolution is to share it with others. “Our goal is to add light, love and hope in everything we do and spread positive colourful energy to women all around,” Nada says. “Our ‘Resolutions’ are not about a to-do-list, they’re about accentuating the positive within us, it’s about deserving better. Nada G™ invite you to share in the beautiful ‘Resolutions’ by making a pledge to be the change in yourself and wanting it for others.”


Nada G™ invite you to join them in their aspirations for the New Year by adorning yourself with one or more of their “Resolutions” pieces.

Let these upcoming New Year’s ‘Resolutions’ be about spreading positivity. It’s the new colourful, infectious you who will radiate, for others to sense, and want what you have, and have it to themselves as they in turn will tell a story, by making ‘Resolutions’ of their very own.

Draw up your set of resolutions for the new year, and make it a special year; all the more special with Nada G™ colourful Collection: ‘Resolutions.

Nada G™ fine jewelry encapsulates the designer’s world of experiences, showcasing intricate masterpieces that exhibit a sense of order and form, designed, as timeless pieces made of 18k gold and precious stones. Going against established norms, the pieces exhibit fragility in their coarseness, docility in their textures, and vibrancy in their candid statements. Each piece of jewelry echoes a different sense of emotion or memory, mirroring not only an adornment of the senses, but more so celebrating what they evoke to be a woman.

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