Nadine Kanso Brings on the Wow Effect this Ramadan

This Ramadan, s*uce is launching the WOW Ramadan campaign in collaboration with established artist and jewellery designer, Nadine Kanso – designer of Bil Arabi.

BilArabi1For the collaboration Kanso has designed a limited edition 12 inch porcelain plate with her traditional Arabic “WOW” calligraphy written in 24k real GOLD, and adorned with a geometric accent .  The plate can be used as a show plate under a normal plate set, as a serving plate for desserts and other dishes, or as a decorative item.


It is packaged in a special box with the image of one of Kanso’s exclusive collages for the campaign.


“As an artist it’s great to explore different products as it allows me to tap into different aspects of design. Collaborating with s*uce is always a pleasure because we see eye to eye and share the same enthusiasm about creating new and interesting things,” says  Kanso.

The plate will retail at 270 dhs and can be bought as a single piece or as a set.   It will be available across all s*uce stores starting from June 19th.

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