Nendo Changes the Concept of Time during Salone del Mobile

nendo brings a whole new vision of time during Salone del Mobile 2018. Collaborating with a number of Japanese manufacturers using special materials and technologies, nendo’s project revolves around the idea of time, showcasing the hourglass in a modern manner.

Photo by Akiihiro Yoshida

The hourglass is something that has been used since forever but its shape has barely been changed. With the advent of digital clocks, the hourglass has transitioned from serving a functional role to convey more of a sentimental value, symbolizing the idea of time.

Photo by Akiihiro Yoshida

By examining this simple mechanism of sand falling through a constricted passage due to gravity, and altering the speed and the angle, one can actually change the perception of the flow of time. The four different hourglasses showcased are carved out from a volume of transparent acrylic.

The interior cavities to accumulate the sand have been polished by hand with fine metal needles tipped with abrasives. This production method gives the shapes an almost natural, organic appearance, resembling clouds and puddles, conveying the feeling that time is moving even more freely than it was before.

Photo by Akiihiro Yoshida

For example: “Five minutes” worth of sand divided into 2 cavities; “two minutes” worth of sand accumulates the left chamber, when filling this chamber completely, the sand starts falling into the right chamber, counting additional “three minutes”, time is also doubled, when sand falls from the first chamber into the second, it counts “one minute”. Once the sand has drained from the second chamber into the lower one, “two minutes” have passed… and so on… Discover more.

Superstudio Art Point (Via Tortona, 27 Milan)

17-21 April 10:00-21:00 / 22 April 10:00-18:00

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