North: A Sleek Fusion Between a Floor Lamp and a Suspended Lamp

Meet a new category of lamp – One that fuses a floor lamp and a suspended lamp, recreating a floating effect. North lamp from Vibia, comes in dynamic system of adjustable angles in order to bring light where it’s required, in an exercise of functional and poetic deconstruction. The sharper angle circumscribes a close and intimate area, a more open angle creates a more social space.

Elegant and stylized, it’s the lightest floor lamp yet designed. A long carbon fiber rod, its light weight and flexible qualities making it the perfect support, hangs from the ceiling via an almost imperceptible steel cable.

A counter-weight at floor level guides the electrical cable from the conical shaped shade to the wall socket and makes it possible to place the light fitting in any desired position. With its essential design North pierces the air extending its luminous coverage while defining a space without overwhelming.

The name of the collection makes a reference to the qualities of north light.
A different and more diffuse light that’s projected forcefully while also avoiding sharp shadows. The careful treatment of the diffuser as well as the Led light source lend it a great warmth.

The conical shade made from aluminium is available in graphite, blue, cream and white with a matt finish. It’s equipped with a dimmer switch provided within the electrical cable.

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